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I was made redundant in January 2009 after 27 years in the insurance broking world, during which time I founded an international marketing department from scratch, provided marketing support for a major international broking network, and won it a Queen's Award for Industry, and worked with some of our leading trade associations and charities. Today I run my own, successful marketing business.

I work with a very diverse range of clients, mainly in the insurance and risk management field, but, like all small businessmen, I am happy to take on new challenges and experiences. A key part of being my own boss is that it gives me the flexibility to carry out my role as your Regional Chairman.

Prior to starting to run my own business full time, in January 2009, I worked in the City of London for Heath Lambert now part of A. J. Gallagher one of the world's top five insurance brokers. My final role, within the Group's marketing department, was to look after the interests of a highly diverse bank of affinity group connections, commercial trade associations, mass membership organisations and a range of medical charities.

Prior to taking on that role, I spent a decade helping to create Heath Lambert's international broker network, HLA Global. Now owned by Wells Fargo Insurance Services, HLA Global operated in more than sixty countries and provided services in over 100 territories.

In April 2002 our work in creating the network was recognised with the Queen's Award for Innovation in International Trade.

In addition, I took on the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) as a client in 1981 and served as its National Chairman between 1995 and 97 and then as its volunteer marketing director until 2004.