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"I joined the Conservative Party in Yorkshire in 1973 (at age 16) and have been an active member and campaigner ever since, holding posts at ward, constituency, area, regional and national level, including two years as National Chairman of the Conservative Political Centre (CPC) and two parliamentary campaigns - one of them a parliamentary by-election."

2011 -
Chairman - London Region

Prior to becoming Regional Chairman I was Deputy Regional Chairman, Membership

2009 -
Member of the National Co-ordinating Committee of the CPF

I have been active at Association level for 40 years, in Yorkshire, the West Midlands and, since 1995 here in London. My two most recent Association roles were:

2008 - 2012
Chairman - West Ham Conservative Association

2004 - 2008
Deputy Chairman (Political) - West Ham Conservative Association

2009 - Candidate for the European Parliament - London Region

I joined the London Team in February 2008 and campaigned all over London right up to the close of poll on election day in June 2009. During the final three weeks of the election I visited and campaigned in 38 constituencies spread right across London as well as speaking at public meetings and appearing on various TV and radio shows.

1994 - By-election Candidate for Dudley West
I was selected in November 1994 following the death of John Blackburn MP. Given the unpopularity of the then government commentators were agreed that it was one of the more difficult by-elections of that era. However, I fought a strong campaign aided by a great team of professionals and volunteers from all of the UK

Post-campaign comments included:

“I am proud of the way you have set out the Conservative case with honesty and vigour.”
Sir John Major

“May I send my warm thanks to you for the outstanding way in which you fought the Dudley West by-election. We ran the most professional campaign and I am extremely grateful to you. You fought the campaign in difficult political circumstances and the Party could not have asked for a better candidate.” - Sir Jeremy Handley - Party Chairman

"Very many congratulations on an outstanding performance in very difficult circumstances. Being a by-election candidate is one of the most difficult things any politician can be asked to do, especially when representing the Governing Party. You have done it with great style and won many friends throughout the Party.” - Sir Anthony Garrett - Director of Campaigning CCO

1987 - Candidate for Walsall South
Adopted in October 1985 I was PPC for 20 months and succeded in building a high profile in the local media. At the election I polled over 21000 votes and succeded in increasing the Conservative share of the vote and restricting the Labour majority to just over 1100 votes.

I have been active in every General Election since February 1974 and have mutual aided at by-elections throughout all of England and Wales. 

Having worked in local election campaigns since the mid-1970's, I fought my first contest as a candidate in 1980. Since then I have worked in, acted as agent for, and contested very many local government campaigns. However, my more recent campaigns include:

2002 - Candidate for Directly Elected Mayor of Newham

2006 & 2010 - Candidate and organiser West Ham constituency. I worked to ensure that we fielded a complete slate of 30 candidates for seven wards. In 2006 when I carried out the same role it was the first time in 20 years that a full slate had been nominated.

I have been an active, campaigning member of the Conservative Party ever since I joined and I enjoy it as much now as I did then. I have held positions at every level of the voluntary Party. The following are some of the key posts I have worked in:

Young Conservatives
I first became a member in Selly Oak in Birmingham and was successively branch chairman, chairman of the Birmingham District YC's and Area Deputy Chairman. I served on the YC National Advisory Committe from 1980-1983.

Conservative Political Centre (CPC)/Conservative Policy Forum (CPF)
I was national chairman of the CPC from 1996 to 1998 in which role I was also a member of the National Union General Purposes Commitee, the National Union Executive Committee and the Standing Advisory Committee on Candidates.

Following the transition to the CPF I was elected to the CPF Board.

In 2008 I started a campaign for the revitalisation of the CPF which gained the support of the National Officer Team, in particular Fiona Hodgson. As part of a small team we led negotiations which saw the re-establishment and re-launch of the CPF with the support of David Cameron and Oliver Letwin. I currently organise the CPF Winter Conference the third running of which will be in January 2014. 

National Advisory Committee on Education
I was chairman of the West Midlands Advisory Committe on Education and an active member of the National Advisory Committee on Education (NACE).

The West Midlands CPC team established a solid reputation for delivering effective training throughout the West Midlands Area. This commitment to training continued when I became deputy-chairman of the CPC at a national level. In 1993, I was the author of a training programme entitled "Campaigning on the European Issues". Following an appraisal by members of the Conservative Group at the European Parliament, this unit was used throughout the country in the run-up to the 1994 European Elections and subsequently relaunched as "Campaigning on the Issues" as a Westminster training package.