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I am delighted to report that I have been re-elected as London Regional Chairman for a third term and would like to take this opportunity of thanking all of my supporters and the members of my team. 

My win will now enable me to continue to play a leading role in helping to secure victory in both the London Borough and European Elections in May 2014 and, in parallel with that, it will enable me to redouble my efforts to support our planning and preparations for 2015 to secure the return of a majority Conservative Government.

I am also pleased to report that my Deputy Chairman (Political), Edward Heckels was also re-elected, my Deputy Chairman (Membership & Finance), Tara Douglas-Home having previously been returned unopposed.

Although the election is now over. I thought it would be useful to continue to make my election statement and endorsements available for visitors to read and/or download:

You can view a PDF of my Election Statement here 

Graham Postles - Election Statement

You can view a PDF with a selection of my Election Endorsements here 

Graham Postles - Election Endorsements

"Graham has brought real value to his chairmanship of the London Region. In particular he has a genuine understanding and experience of the realities of Association life and local campaigning.

"His leadership, dedication and drive is needed this coming year as we campaign for the Borough elections and to return our three MEPs."

Ian Twinn, Deputy Chairman London South Area,
former Edmonton MP and London MEP

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