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The 2015 General Election will be the most important contest in a generation. The choice will be between a continuation of the progress we are making in so many key areas and in healing the broken economy we were bequeathed in May 2010 and a Labour government lead by Ed Milliband which will reverse all of the progress we have made and usher in a new round of tax and spend with the added dimension of a return to state intervention and control.

  • Campaigned in our target seats in support of our parliamentary candidates. The picture above was taken at a telephone canvassing session at CCHQ last month.
  • Helped to accelerate the process of candidate selection in specific seats where the Associations concerned have made the appropriate case.
  • Worked with our Regional Director, Ian Sanderson and the team in Candidate's Department to introduce a new system of CSI Lead Campaigners which will enable all of our non-target seats to have candidates' in place by mid-2014 if they choose to participate.
  • Negotiated new arrangements for Associations that do not have their own offices and are unable to access Merlin. They now have a dedicated Merlin set-up at CCHQ.

"As a London M.P., it has been tremendous to have a Regional Chairman that is always there to support the work of our constituency Associations, especially in the vital areas of campaigning and organisation. Graham Postles is that kind of Chairman. He has been outstanding in the genuine help he has given to me and my local party over the past two years and we need him to carry on doing the great job he does in London for the Conservative Party. Thank you Graham for all that you do and please keep going in 2014."

Andrew Rosindell MP for Romford