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The full title of my job is London Regional Co-ordinating Chairman, so a central part of my role is to work with the three Area Management Executives - London North Eastern, London North Western and London Southern to hear from them about the views and concerns of members, and association officers within the 73 constituencies that make up our London Region and to represent those views to the Board and professional side of our Party.

In order to do this I attend as many of the meetings of our Area Management Teams as possible and, where I am unable to attend, one of my hardworking team, Edward Heckels (Deputy Chairman - Political) or Tara Douglas-Home (Deputy Chairman - Membership) will normally be there instead.

I Chair regular Regional Meetings which bring together Association, Area and Regional officers. I have introduced a new more informative format for these which allow for far more discussion and the presentations and outcomes are now circulated to all Association Chairmen and Area Officers.

As I promised when I was first elected, In set up extended Regional Team Meetings that bring together the Regional Officers, Area Chairmen the Chairmen of CF and CWO and our London Region CPF Co-ordinator.

In addition, I attend the regular meetings of the National Strategy Team and the Association Finance Board. In both forums you can be assured that I am firm in putting across your views and concerns on everything from party policy to campaigning matters.

Above all, I am a regular campaigner in local and national parliamentary by elections, local government campaigns and constituencies right across London.

This is a full-on job which demands considerable time and effort from the person doing it. However, its a job representing the grass-roots activists who are the Conservative Party and I have been happy to put in that time and effort and to give you my commitment that I will continue to do so if re-elected to serve for my final term.

Click on the subject tabs in the menu above to see in detail what I have been doing to try to make the Regional role more relevant and effective. 

     "Dear Graham,

     Thank you so much for your contribution yesterday at our Strategy Team meeting of    
     Regional Chairmen. As I have said to you before, your wisdom and experience are
     such assets to the team.

     In particular, I wanted to express my appreciation for the support and focus that you are  
     giving to our 40:40 seats within the London Region.

     I am confident that in your hands London will deliver a great campaign for the challenging 
     elections we face next year.

    With very best wishes,

    Emma Pidding
    Chairman of the Conservative National Convention

"I have worked closely with Graham over the past two years and have been grateful for his wise advice, counsel and support, based on his extensive knowledge of the Party, not just here in London but across the country too. He works hard to ensure that he communicates the views of London members to the 'centre' and he has greatly improved the flow of information back through the Area and Association teams. I urge you to support his re-election."

Tara Douglas-Home, Past Chairman Hammersmith Conservative Association and Deputy Chairman, Membership & Finance, London Region